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Yanmar Service & Parts

Yanmar engine oils, coolants, & paint

Genuine YANMAR engine oil, transmission oil, coolant and grease are just as important for the safety and warranty for your engine as genuine parts are. Therefore, for the correct, regular maintenance of your sailboat engine make sure you use YANMAR engine oils and coolants. YANMAR offers complete kits for boat engines – including oil and fuel filters, an impeller and the necessary gaskets.

For cosmetic touch ups, we also offer the original YANMAR grey metallic paint.

Call your Yanmar dealer for more information on YANMAR oil, coolants, & paint for your engine.

Safety Data Sheets - YANMAR oil & coolants

YANMAR genuine diesel engine oil 15W40

YANMAR genuine diesel engine oil 5W40

YANMAR genuine engine coolant Long Life

YANMAR genuine gear oil SAE 30

YANMAR genuine gear oil SAE 80W-90

YANMAR genuine transmission fluid ATF

Safety Data Sheets - YANMAR paint

YANMAR paint English

YANMAR paint Dutch

YANMAR paint German

YANMAR paint French


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