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Yanmar Service & Parts



  • Why should I prefer a Yanmar?
  • Compared to other engines, Yanmar engines have in general a high power to weight ratio, are compact in size and pay a high respect to nature. Besides that, Yanmar engines are extremely reliable, are low in noise and vibration and are fuel-efficient. And if something is wrong, a global network of distributors and dealers is able to help you.

  • Are there any environmental advantages of YANMAR engines?
  • YANMAR is focused on nature for a long time. Respect for nature is part of our mentality. That’s why YANMAR engines are not only environmentally compliant, but are in general ahead of upcoming emission regulations. And that’s why YANMAR has won several prizes for preventing air pollution and acts according to local and international rules.

  • What are the advantages of fresh water-cooling?
  • Fresh water gives less corrosion on internal parts. A smaller area of contact with raw water has less chance to corrode the engine. Note: keep an eye on the correct mixture of fresh water.


  • If I would like to change my present engine for a Yanmar engine, whom should I contact for recommendation and quotation?
  • For a good technical and financial advice, we strongly recommend you contact your local Yanmar dealer. Please consult a distributor or dealer in your country.

  • I am a boat architect and would like to have drawings of your engines. Where can I get them and in what format?
  • Please download 2D and/or 3D technical drawings (available in DXF and IGES) from our website. Your distributor is more than willing to help you, because this is in many times a very tailor-made question, we advise you to discuss this first with him. Look at the dealer locator for a distributor near you.


  • How much maintenance does an engine require?
  • The engine requires different maintenance frequencies, depending on what part has to be maintained. Therefore, we strongly suggest you consult your operation manual first. Also your dealer can help you in this.

  • Can I do the maintenance by myself?
  • Yes, a part of it, but that depends very much on your skills. If you don’t feel secure, please consult your local Yanmar dealer.

  • What should we better not touch?
  • For electronically controlled engines, you need special equipment, which only a Yanmar dealer can provide. If you are not familiar with and well equipped for this, we recommend you not to do maintenance yourselves. It might also influence your right on the warranty.

  • Where can I go to for maintenance?
  • Please check 'Network' for the nearest local dealer.

  • Is a written instruction for winter inspection available?
  • In the operation manual, you will find specific parts regarding maintenance in winter. Operation manuals for the current models can be downloaded per model in products section. Find here a selection of manuals of previous models.

  • Does my engine need Yanmar parts?
  • Yanmar Marine parts are specially designed for Yanmar Marine engines. Therefore it is important to use only genuine Yanmar parts for an everlasting good performance. The use of non-Yanmar parts might also be of influence on your warranty.

  • Is a non-Yanmar dealer recommended?
  • Yanmar dealers are trained and well equipped for maintenance and repairs of Yanmar engines. They also use genuine Yanmar parts. Bear in mind that with non-Yanmar dealers this is not the case. The use of non-Yanmar parts might also be of influence on your warranty.

  • Which lube oil should I use for my engine and gearbox?
  • Please make sure the oil is for the right diesel engine or gearbox, it depends on what model you have, Please see Service & Parts for more information.

Other questions

  • I have a problem registering my engine, what can I do?
  • If you experience any problems with registering your engine on our website, please copy this link into your browser and try again. https://yanmar.microsoftcrmportals.com/
    Might it not be successful please contact Yanmar dealer and he will register the engine for you.

  • Is it possible to run Yanmar engines with Bio-diesel (RME)?
  • Yes, a maximum of 5% B5 Bio Diesel can be blended with standard fuel and must conform to ASTM D6751 or ISO EN14214 specifications. See also press release May 2008.

  • What is the average fuel consumption of the engine?
  • That depends on the engine and the speed. We suggest you check your engine specifications for the details.

  • I have bought a boat with a Yanmar engine, but without an instruction book. Where can I get that?
  • Most likely (depending on the age of the engine), your local Yanmar dealer is able to help you.

  • I am planning a round the world tour. Can you supply me the addresses of all Yanmar dealers?
  • Find your nearest YANMAR dealer.

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