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YANMAR spotlights DAME DESIGN AWARD nominated 6LY engine series at METS 2016

YANMAR nominated for DAME Design Award 2016  YANMAR 6LY engine series

YANMAR's new-generation common-rail 6LY marine diesel engine series will be center stage on the company's stand no. 01.345 at this year's Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) held at Amsterdam RAI 15-17 November, 2016. This engine family was chosen by the jury for the DAME Design Award 2016 for the nomination in the 'Machinery, Propulsion, Mechanical and Electrical Systems and Fittings' category.  

"We at YANMAR are honored and delighted to have received this accolade by the judges in this prestigious competition," says Floris Lettinga, Global Sales Manager for YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL. "It recognizes that YANMAR has gone further than most marine diesel engine manufacturers to cut emissions of particulate matter and NOₓ (nitrogen oxides) as demanded under the latest EPA Tier 3 and EU RCD2 regulations."  

He explains: "Most companies have replaced mechanical engine management with electronic control. Some have adapted automotive engines with cleaner and more efficient common-rail fuel induction for parts of their marine engine programs. But YANMAR took a holistic re-engineering approach right across our range of marine-dedicated diesels from the outset."  

Common-rail injects highly atomized fuel into the engine cylinders which, along with sophisticated electronic management, burns it more thoroughly for significantly improved performance fuel economy and reduced emissions. YANMAR is the only inboard marine diesel engine manufacturer to start its common-rail offering from as low as 45mhp right up to the DAME Design Award 2016-nominated 6LY-CR series which currently tops out at 440mph @ 3,300rpm.  

The top-rated 6LY440 is presented on the YANMAR stand. This six-cylinder, 5.8 liter engine is based on the well-established mechanical credentials of its predecessors, which over three generations have earned a reputation for outstandingly quiet, smooth, fuel-efficient, and reliable operation. That's not forgetting their high power-to-weight ratios that provide excellent performance.  

By using this well-proven block YANMAR has given its 6LY-CR unit a near-identical engine footprint to earlier models, making it perfect for repowering. All else about the engine is new, as well as common-rail fuel technology there's new 24-valve cylinder head and a redesigned inlet and exhaust manifold for optimal engine breathing.  

Yet more propulsion innovation on the YANMAR stand!
YANMAR will also be unveiling its new 4JH80 SPP (Steerable Propulsion Pod) and the highly-innovative Dtorque twin-cylinder diesel outboard at METS 2016. The YANMAR 4JH80 SPP is a self-contained propulsion package for sailing cruisers which is the world’s first that combines a 360 ⁰ rotatable saildrive and engine. The system is electronically managed and has joystick control for low-speed maneuvering for the ease of docking that until now has only been available for powerboats. That's thanks to a system that has been developed in partnership between YANMAR and leading boat transmission manufacturer ZF Marine.  

The YANMAR propulsion pod system couples the company's new-generation 4JH common-rail engine with ZF's all-new saildrive, while controls and monitoring are provided by electronics that also coordinate bow-thruster operation for fingertip maneuvering in the tightest of spaces. A YANMAR 4JH80 SPP system is displayed in simulated operation on the YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL stand. The unit is powered by its 80mhp 4JH80 four-cylinder marine diesel engine – shown to be five times best-in-class for clean, interconnective, quiet,  powerful and fuel-efficient operation.  

Dtorque - 50hp diesel outboard

Sharing the stand with the 4JH80 SPP system and the DAME Award-nominated 6LY-CR engine is the remarkable 50hp Dtorque twin-cylinder diesel outboard produced by Germany's Neander-Shark. YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL has global responsibility distributing this strong, compact, clean and fuel efficient propulsion unit through its dedicated service dealer network.   

The outboard develops 50mhp using an innovatively-engineered 804cm³ turbocharged twin-cylinder diesel engine in aluminum with common-rail fuel injection and a unique dual counter-rotating crankshaft action. The twin shafts counterbalance each other to eliminate most of the vibration and steering torque that any conventional inline twin-cylinder diesel block would produce. That means the smooth diesel outboard can be easily steered at the tiller as well as from the cockpit, while producing a lusty 111Nm of torque that outstrips that of any equivalent-sized gasoline outboard for fast planning. At the same time the outboard returns far better fuel consumption and lower running costs over a longer service lifetime.

DTorque 111

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