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Yanmar News


YANMAR MACC is coming back

A selection of YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL's newest ultra-efficient common-rail marine diesel engines will be presented at the reinvigorated Multi-Agency Craft Conference (MACC) by YANMAR Recreational Marine of Americas. The engines, along with the latest YANMAR control, monitoring and ancillary equipment, will be displayed in Booths 10/11 in the exhibits section of this US Coast Guard-hosted open forum which brings together the boating industry and the armed services that use its products.  

New location

This year the event takes place June 8-9 at its new venue, the US Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore, Maryland, where the exhibition of boat equipment, systems and services is the backdrop to a full programme of seminars, workshops, presentations and in-water demonstrations. Under the 'All About Boats" theme chosen by conference organisers American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) this year's event is designed to showcase the latest technical developments in marine design, engineering and electronics across the spectrum of civil and military craft and their applications.  

"We are very pleased to have the opportunity to support this year's MACC," says Philip Secord, North American Sales Manager of YANMAR Recreational Marine of Americas. "Since ASNE took charge of MACC for the previous edition two years ago they have re-established it as an important interactive military-civil forum for small craft of all types."  

He adds: "YANMAR has invested heavily in recent years in the development of a new and full range of class-leading clean and efficient diesel engines that have been specifically designed for marine applications. These are ideal for light commercial, military as well as recreational craft applications. Now that it's a reinvigorated centre of attention for all sectors of the boat industry, we see MACC as a highly significant showcase for us."  

Yanmar 8LV ZT MACCYanmar common rail diesel at MACC
Next generation engines

YANMAR is showing a selection of its new-generation diesels with common-rail fuel injection. On display is the latest 6LY400/440CR compact and lightweight 5.8-litre inline six-cylinder model with ratings of 400 and 440 mhp. With CR injection delivering extremely finely atomised fuel to the cylinders, along with four valves per cylinder for optimal engine breathing and high-precision electronic engine management, these new engines deliver outstanding power-to-weight performance, torque and fuel economy. This engine is also exceptionally smooth and quiet, and comfortably meets the latest EPA Tier 3 and EU RCD 2 emissions limits.  

Joining this engine on the YANMAR stand is the recently-introduced 8LV model, also conforming with the new EPA and RCD 2 regulations. With ratings of 320, 350 and 370 mhp @ 3,800 rpm, this CR V8 unit displaces 4.6 litres and will be promoted at MACC with YANMAR's ZT 320/370 Sterndrive - engineered to handle with ease the hefty 800ft lbs of torque that this engine produces.

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