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Service & Parts
150-900 mhp

By carrying our regular maintenance and using original parts and the specified Yanmar oil and coolant, you will be able to ensure that your engine has a long service life. It will simply run and run...

Repowering brochure

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General Information

Yanmar Marine's vast international network of sales and service dealers encompasses more than 130 countries. You can be assured of the best advice and support whenever and wherever you go boating.



A successful repowering project involves two equally critical decisions, selection of a qualified installer and choosing the right engine for the boat.

Genuine Parts

Yanmar Marine parts are specially designed for Yanmar Marine engines.

Therefore it is important to use only genuine Yanmar Parts for an everlasting good performance. These can be purchased at any official Yanmar Marine Dealer you prefer.

Confusion in text of Operation manual YM engines and tekst on Yanmar Oil bottle


To keep your Yanmar product in optimal condition as well as perfect reliable, it is very important to perform proper maintenance.

Please refer to the operation manual delivered with your Yanmar Marine product in order to perform the suggested daily and periodical maintenance. For questions and service, please contact nearest Yanmar Marine dealer. 

Maintenance videos for the

YM, LP and BY engine series

By clicking below you can view and download the Yanmar Marine maintenance instruction video.