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YANMAR Introduces 4LV Series High Power Models

YANMAR 4LV series
YANMAR 4LV Series of common rail engines

Following the 2017 introduction of the 150, 170 and 195 mhp units in its new 4LV Series of CR engines, YANMAR is for the first time introducing the addition of the two highest power engines, the 230 and 250 mhp versions, to complete the 5-engine range.

The 3800 rpm 230 and 250 mhp models feature an increase in output and different turbo models from the first three 3500rpm units in YANMAR’s mid-section range of leading diesels. Harnessing fuel injection technology and demonstrating the YANMAR 5x best-in-class features, the new 4LV higher power engines have been designed for power recreational boating and small commercial craft applications.

The engines incorporate the latest technology to enable extremely low vibration and noise levels for a smooth and quiet running engine. These include a counterbalance shaft and refined component design.

Featuring a class-leading power-to-weight ratio, the 4LV delivers a powerful low-end torque performance. This results in a stunning acceleration and set these engines apart from others in their power range.

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