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Dtorque 111 turbo diesel highly impresses at low temperatures

The Dtorque 111, the world’s first turbo diesel outboard engine with twin crankshaft technology, has already completed more than 60 cold start trials, demonstrating it is able to start at temperatures well below -20°C. Further trials have now been planned together with BOSCH to test its operating performance at low temperatures.

With outstanding support by Norrkust Marina Varv AB in Båtskärsnä (near Luleå/Sweden) and the icebreaker Ymer, the engine’s drivability was tested on the tender of the icebreaker at temperatures of -15°C and lower.


Part of the harbor was freed of ice specially for the tests, creating enough room to check how the engine runs at all RPM speeds and load ranges.

The engine ran soundly in neutral and accelerated quickly even with a heavy load. Not bothered by extreme sub-zero conditions, the Dtorque proved to be a strong and reliable workhorse. The Swedish coastguard was so impressed with the results that they immediately expressed their interest.

“The benefits of this engine are not limited to its good performance below zero: the list of unique features, such as common-rail injection and turbocharging with integrated air cooling, is endless. They all contribute to the overall strong performance of this engine. It has exceptionally low emission, noise and vibration levels, and keeps running costs low,” says Justin Hogen, area sales manager at YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL. “That is why we are proud to be the exclusive distribution partner of such a cutting-edge product.”

The Dtorque was developed by Neander Motors, in a strong partnership with Neander, YMI became Dtorques perfect global distribution partner because of its experience in the marine world and well-established distribution and service network.

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